Invitation to an international conference „Barbie as a warrior against GBV”

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The Women’s Issues Information Centre, together with international partners from the MARTA Centre (Latvia), association The Future Now (Bulgaria) and association Colectivo MosaiQ (Spain), are organising the international conference „Barbie as a warrior against GBV“ as part of the „Warriors against gender-based violence“ project.

International conference „Barbie as a warrior against GBV” is a dynamic and innovative event aimed at engaging young people and youth workers in discussions and actions related to creating safe spaces and preventing gender-based violence. The conference aims to create a space where young people and youth workers can explore the concept of safe spaces and their role in combating gender-based violence, as well as the impact of popular culture, such as Barbie films, in shaping perceptions and attitudes related to gender roles and equality.

We are kindly inviting young people and youth workers to attend the international conferece „Barbie as a warrior against GVB”, which will take place on October 18th in Vilnius. During the event, you will be introduced to an innovative virtual safe space, hear lessons learnt and experiences gained from the project’s implementers, and explore the topics of violence, gender equality and sexuality together with experts

(see more: Conference programme)
Key information:
International conference „Barbie as a warrior against GBV”
„Pasaka”cinema, Paupio st. 26, Vilnius
October 18th 9:00 AM
Registration: Register here (before 10:00 AM on16th of October)

Certificates: will be issued to attendees.
Don’t snooze, register and be the first to find out about the latest strategies to prevent gender-based violence in young people’s relationships, a virtual platform for youth workers and young people, including self-assessment tests, an interactive map of useful resources, a hive of organisations, and virtual spaces where everyone can feel safe and be heard.
Do you have any questions?

Reach out to [email protected]
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Lithuanian program below.



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